Patreon: November and December Perks

Happy Thanksgiving Week, my lovely pyros!


If you are a patron of mine over on Patreon, I have a few lovely treats coming to you in quick succession.

You may have noticed the new line of Yuletide ornaments in the Artfire shop. They’re a bit of a departure from the designs of yesteryear, even though I use the same cutouts to create them. For November’s Patreon perk, I’ll be sharing the old patterns for the Santa Hat and Sleigh with you, as well as this year’s Gingerbread Man and Reindeer designs.


In addition, on the 29th, I’ll be uploading an exclusive video walk-through on how to create the Santa Hat yourself. The technique is the same for all of the ornaments, so this should allow you to add quite a few new decorations to your holiday tree!

Then, in the first week of December, I’ll be walking you through making a token which can be used for a pendant, keychain, or charm. The design will be one of my old Green Men patterns, making it the perfect gift for your father, brother, or other more “masculine” loved one!

For more information, or to become a Patron, visit my Patreon page here.

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