Greenwood Creations on Zazzle: The Expanding

There have been some massive updates to the Zazzle shop, so I thought it would be wise to mention a few of them.


The products in the shop are now broken up by Theme, rather than Item. Instead of sections for “clothes,” “keychains,” etc, I’ve divided the shop into five main categories:


  • Fairytales and Fancies – Nymphs, fairies, and other magical creatures reside here.
  • Gothic Delights – Ravens, skulls, masquerades; everything to delight the Gothic heart is collected here.
  • Pagan and Heathen – Goddess figures, Green Men, and other pagan symbols gather here.
  • Pentacles – Because there are just so darned many of them, I’ve given the Pentacles a category of their own.
  • Steampunk and Sci-Fi – All of my mad lady scientists and their creations can be found in this category.




If you are looking for a specific design and do not feel like searching, please click on the “Collections” tab.

Here, items are grouped by design, rather than theme.

All items featuring that design (which are currently available) have been placed into their proper collection.






If you prefer to find every keychain available, for example, here is a quick visual tutorial for doing that:

departmentaccessories all-keychains


More items are added weekly. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to get updates!


Greenwood Creations Studio on Zazzle:

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