Is this laser-etched?

No. This is all done by hand. It is drawn with pencil, then burned using a hand-held pyrography pen. There are neither lasers nor routers nor computers involved in the creation process. Please visit my YouTube channel to see how it is done.



Do you use patterns or stencils?

No. Each piece is hand-drawn, by me. I do not use stencils or pre-created designs.

For patterns that I repeat often, such as my simple beech spoons, I do use a pencil-and-tracing-paper transfer technique. However, the designs are my own.

I do, however, create patterns and stencils for other artists’ use! These are available to my Patrons over at Patreon.




What pyrography pens do you use?

I use an Optima 1 pyrography kit, with a flat shading tip, a fine tip, and, sometimes, a rounded writing tip.



What type of wood do you use?

I prefer to use Baltic birch or poplar. Pine and beech are also two woods that I use frequently. I try to avoid “craft store” woods–“white wood” and paulownia wood–as much as possible, because they are a nightmare to burn.




How do you finish your pieces?

It depends on the piece. Spoons are left unfinished, though I sometimes put a coat of mineral oil on them. All other items are, generally, coated with several layers of a polyurethane varnish. If I know that a piece will be exposed to sunlight frequently, I may also add a few layers of spar urethane.



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The Timeless Art of Pyrography